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Our Sparkling Ruby quartz lives up to its name, drinking light in and reflecting it back in a shimmering spill of crimson and ruby reds. Polished Sparkling Ruby slabs are a striking choice for ultra-modern residential or commercial quartz countertops that are guaranteed to have an impact. This unforgettable quartz is also exceptional for flooring, walls, and backsplashes.
  Stone Type: Quartz
  Primary Colors: Red
  Freezing Climate: Yes
  Exterior Usage: No
  Available Sizes:
        Slab: 2 CM,3 CM
  Prefabricated Countertops:
  Available Finishes: Polished
  Q Product Disclaimer

  Recommended Usage: Flooring Countertops Wall/Backsplash
  Residential YesYesYes
  Commercial YesYesYes

Sparkling Ruby Room Scenes
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