Tile Style: Porcelain and Natural Stone Tile Flooring Blog Posts
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Tile Style: Affordable Vein-Cut Stone Looks i

Natural vein-cut stone such as limestone and travertine offers a luxurious ... Read More >

Tile Style: Interior Designers Keep Coming Ba

The drama of black and white interior design never goes out of style. It’s ... Read More >

Tile Style: Get the Look of Athens Marble in

Marble has always been a sought-after surface material, and Athens marble ... Read More >

Tile Style: How to Successfully Pair Real Mar

Pairing practical, budget-friendly porcelain with high-end marble — ... Read More >

Tile Style: 6 Popular Wood-Look Tiles for 201

Now that we’re well into 2017, we’re noticing some definite ... Read More >

Tile Style: Porcelain Tile That Looks Like Ma

Do you long for luxurious natural marble stone tile in your home, but just ... Read More >

Tile Style: Slate Tile - A Rustic Look Inside

Photo Credit: Houzz “Rustic” décor, in the modern ... Read More >

Tile Style: High Style with Ceramic Subway Ti

Photo Credit: Houzz Ceramic subway tiles have humble beginnings, making ... Read More >

Tile Style: Top Reasons to Choose Cement-Look

Concrete or cement flooring isn’t just for basements or garages ... Read More >

Tile Style: Redefining Modern Floor Tile

If the idea of installing tile in your living spaces makes you think of stark, ... Read More >

Tile Style: Black and White Transcends Time a

Classic and effortlessly elegant, the combination of pure black and white ... Read More >

Tile Style: Down Under with Subway Tile

If you’re searching for a timeless style for your kitchen or bathroom ... Read More >

Tile Style: Walk the Plank

Do you believe it’s impossible to get a classy, upscale look in your ... Read More >

Tile Style: Brick Look With Porcelain Tile

Are you tired of the same old flooring and backsplash tile offerings Do you ... Read More >

Tile Style: Wood You Believe This is Porcelai

Hardwood has long been an immensely popular material for flooring, walls, ... Read More >

Tile Style: Large-Format Floor Tiles

One of the hottest trends in interior design is large-format tile. It makes ... Read More >

Tile Style: Welcome Home Flooring (A Story of

Foyer, lobby, entryway, vestibule… whatever you call it, the interior ... Read More >

Tile Style: Modern Mavens

These days, homeowners, interior designers, and builders with a contemporary ... Read More >

Tile Style: Porcelain Vein Cut Looks

Whether you're going for a conservative, classical look or a stunning, ... Read More >

Tile Style: Adding Texture with Natural Stone

When you think of bringing the outdoors in, the first image that comes to ... Read More >

Tile Style: Trendsetting with Capella Porcela

Featuring a collection of stunning, glazed porcelain tiles, Capella creates ... Read More >

Tile Style: Out of the Ordinary Wall Tile

If you dream of a space that looks like it came straight out of a magazine or ... Read More >

Tile Style: Highly Sought-After Italian Marbl

A gorgeous natural stone with distinct veining, marble appeals to the tastes ... Read More >

Tile Style: The New Versailles Porcelain Tile

Some homeowners love the energy of bold colors and daring décor ... Read More >

Tile Style: The New Versailles Porcelain Tile

Some homeowners love the energy of bold colors and daring décor ... Read More >

Tile Style: Posh Looks With Travertine Tile

Exuding effortless sophistication in any space, travertine is a gorgeous ... Read More >

Tile Style: Marble Flooring That Wows

Whether you adore the understated simplicity of white and beige or crave ... Read More >