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Mosaic Monday: Recycled Glass Backsplash Installs for a Luxe Look

When you think of a luxurious room, you probably don’t envision recycled... Read More >

Mosaic Monday: Create a High-End Look With These Affordable Backsplash Tiles

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Current Obsessions: You Won’t Believe These Quartz Countertops Aren’t Natural Stone!

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Current Obsessions: Top Reasons Interior Designers Love Quartz Countertops for the Bathroom

While some interior designers are generalists, others have a specialty... Read More >

Tile Style: 9 Modern Tile Ideas That Work for Any Style

96 Modern porcelain tile, which uses up-to-the-minute production... Read More >

Tile Style: Interior Designers Keep Coming Back to Black and White – Here’s Why

The drama of black and white interior design never goes out of style. It’s... Read More >

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