Brazil’s Unique Ubatuba Granite

September 17, 2013

Granite is found on every continent, above and below the sea, throughout the world. No two slabs of granite are the same – mother nature’s processes to create natural stone ensure that every slab will be unique. Though no two slabs are ever the same, regions become known for distinct colors and patterns of natural stone, as each offers its own mix of sediment and minerals that through stages of heat and pressure become granite. Brazil has become particularly known for its own special flavor of beautiful stone – Ubatuba granite.

Brazil exports an estimated 18,000 tons of granite each year from quarries widespread throughout the country. Ubatuba is among their most popular exports, remarkable for its shimmering black with gold, gray and green speckles. Ubatuba from Brazil is distinctive in both color and pattern with intriguing flecks and lots of movement.  Brushed, Flamed, or highly polished, Brazil’s Ubatuba granite is a colorful, finely textured granite that makes a statement as countertop slabs, backsplashes or as flooring tiles. 

Granite not only comes from every continent, but it also comes in a wide variety of colors depending upon the minerals and metals that may be present in the region. Ubatuba is unique in that it has a smooth, black appearance, but below that glossy surface, it has an enigmatic dimension. Upon closer inspection, it has playful specks of color like gold, gray, green – the amount of flecks will vary from slab to slab, making the Ubatuba a truly unique option. 

Given Ubatuba granite’s multi-faceted color scheme, it will fit a variety of moods for your home design. (Click here to learn more about creating different moods with natural stone.) Better yet, an investment of Ubatuba throughout the home does not mean that each room will have the same theme. In the kitchen, emphasize the sophisticated shine for a modern look. Pair this predominantly black granite with neutral walls and white cabinetry for a contemporary contrast - or pair it with dark cherry wood for a rich, designer aesthetic. In the bathroom, one can use the same granite as the kitchen but emphasize a different aspect of it, picking up the gold or earth tones deep within the stone. Create an entirely different and unique look with a metal blend mosaic backsplash like Copper Metal and Light Brown iridescent glass and celebrate the sparkles in the stone.

Lighting choices will also impact the appearance of an Ubatuba granite countertop. It will appear darker and a near perfect black in low light. In brighter and natural lights, one will enjoy the benefits of an opposite effect,  highlighting the flecks and giving the granite an overall greener appearance. This second effect explains why Brazil’s Ubatuba granite is also known in the industry by names like Labrador Green, Bahia Green, and Verde Ubatuba.

MSI Stone is the largest supplier of natural stone in North America, importing beautiful natural stone for home and commercial use from 36 countries. Among MSI’s international purchasing offices is one Brazil– a birthplace of exceptional Ubatuba Granite for your home and commercial use.