Natural Adaptability: New Venetian Gold Granite

December 10, 2013

There are few materials as visually and functionally versatile as  New Venetian Gold granite. This granite features neutral but striking colors, is available in both slabs and tiles for a variety of applications, and is perfect for locations from residential to commercial, interior to exterior, floors to countertops to backsplashes, bathroom to living room to kitchen—and truly anywhere in between!

Also known in the industry as Venetian Gold or Ouro Brazil, New Venetian Gold from Brazil features beige and golden tones with light veining of deep reds, grays and browns. The beige tones keep this stone bright, making smaller areas like enclosed kitchens or bathroom vanities appear more spacious. They also create a great canvas for bringing more dramatic colors into play, whether that be in the stone itself as twisting pops or flecks of interest or alongside other elements in the room, such as cabinetry, floors, mosaics, and décor. The gold tones add to the depth of this stone, evoking a richness that makes this stone feel indulgent. Finally, the reds, grays, browns (and sometimes even blacks), break up an otherwise basic stone and remind us that this material is a product of nature – each slab is wonderfully unique. Indeed, Mother Nature selected the perfect combination of colors, as evidenced by this stone’s great popularity.

New Venetian Gold is a prevalent selection for granite countertops among both residential and commercial buyers. It possesses a chameleon-like ability to complement both light and dark floors and cabinets, which makes it one of the easier choices in a kitchen or bathroom overhaul. Likewise, this granite can withstand freezing climates or hot ones – whether this granite will highlight a water feature or serve as a backsplash in a steamy bathroom, it will perform beautifully with low maintenance. It is also an excellent companion to most other patterns and styles, allowing you to fully explore all the materials you enjoy without competition for attention. This granite is undoubtedly adaptable!

Like all granites, the color of New Venetian Gold will vary based on elemental factors out of your control, like the amounts of minerals present as the granite formed over millions of years. Pictures of natural stones may not do them justice, particularly when the subtleties of the flecks or lighter veining is difficult to distinguish. Similarly, each lot of granite will have its own personality. One batch may have more beige, black, or gold flecks in it than another, giving one even more opportunities to customize the granite selection process for your own room’s personality. This makes it all the more important to pick your own slabs whenever possible! Click here to learn more about personally selecting your slabs from MSI.

New Venetian Gold is one of the many stunning granites available from MSI, the leading importer and distributor of flooring, countertop, wall tile and hardscaping in North America. MSI offers hundreds of selections of granite, each a great choice for its own reasons, as well as other popular materials like porcelain tile, marble, quartz and more for your home or business.