White Marble: The Resurging Trend that Never Went Away

June 29, 2014

In the world of design, there are few truths that remain unchanged over the ages: combine textures, less is more, and you can’t go wrong with the color white. When it comes to countertops, this last point is changing but only in the sense that it has become truer. Pick up any magazine or visit any interior design showroom and you’ll notice the timeless trend that, if possible, has become more popular. Credit this white explosion to Martha Stewart’s gorgeous marble countertops or give a nod to Europe, where marble countertops have surfaced in everything from Parisian café tables to Italian Old World kitchen counters for centuries. Whomever you recognize for this huge resurgence of the trend that never went away, recognize this too: marble is the natural stone that will bring timeless elegance and popular design to your home in the most natural way possible.

It is no mystery why white is so popular with designers. We highlighted the top 10 reasons for this in our article "When the Absence of Color is the Color of Choice!”. Here, we’ll highlight two that are arguably the most important to homeowners: clean look and versatility.

Clean look

The color white has a universal association with cleanliness. This is why you will rarely walk into a clinical environment and find surfaces in colors other than white. It is easy to spot an imperfection against a white backdrop – when we see none, we feel more confident that a surface is clean. White in the private kitchen or bathroom serves the same purpose as that commercial white in the hospital or doctor’s office. Additionally, white feels fresh, new, and pure to both the experienced and inexperienced eye. Whether designer or homeowner, these are qualities prized in a kitchen, where foods will be prepared and served. With regard to marble, it is the only natural stone that can be found in pure white, though it is most commonly recognized by its hallmark veining that brings interest and movement throughout.


White is versatile in several ways. It can be as impressive as a contrasting color or a complementary one as it can be alone and unrelieved. It can be highly modern or classically traditional, as easily acceptable in a contemporary kitchen with stainless steel appliances as it is coupled with distressed cabinetry and dark woods. It can be simple or it can be complex: elegant in large, generous expanses to interesting, as it takes on the glow of other colors and of strategic lighting to create shadows and depth. White marble countertops add a fourth type of versatility – the patina. Polished to a high shine or honed to hide etching and carefully sealed to prevent staining, they are a sleek, modern option; left to their own devices, they can be allowed to age naturally for a finely matured look. Each imperfection will be valued as an enhancement to the surface’s character.

A clean look and versatility are but a small sampling of the many reasons white is a great option. The reputation of the color, and of white marble itself, is exemplified by the fact that the stone industry is clamoring to offer more options to meet consumer demand. Quartz, for example, is now available in solid whites, as well as in whites with grey or brown veining to mimic the appearance of marble. Quartz offers easy maintenance for busy households but keeps with the marble tradition of a timeless look. Granite, too, is popular in its lighter selections. It is available in varieties with subtle speckling for a more monochromatic appearance, though the dynamic flecks in granite achieve a different overall mood than the sweeping flow of veins in a piece of marble. In addition to countertop material options, today’s backsplash tiles and mosaics, cabinetry, and even tile flooring offer white selections to keep with the trend.

The color white is more than a stylish fad, and marble will easily accomplish the cleanliness and versatility needed for an elegant design, whether contemporary or traditional in theme. MSI offers more than 70 marble slab options for every room of the home or business, in classic whites and non-traditional, bold colors. Design your pure white dream kitchen with MSI’s Kitchen Visualizer today.