Beyond Wood: Sygma Ceramic Wood-Look Tiles

September 14, 2014

Beautiful natural wood is an enduring, popular look for today’s homes – but it isn’t always a practical option for every room or every lifestyle. Fortunately, there is an alternative that lets us enjoy the aesthetic benefits of wood along with the durability of a manufactured surface: Sygma Ceramic.

Like porcelain tile, ceramic tile is a great choice for application in high traffic areas or those where moisture is present, such as bathrooms and entry ways. Ceramic tile is an affordable, entry level option that is available in contemporary colors like Café, Chocolate, Ebony and Ice – and a highly popular size: 6” x 24”. Sygma Collection planks are also hand-scraped with a matte finish and can be installed with tight grout lines for an authentic look.

Where wood goes, ceramic tile can go too – but ceramic, wood-look planks can go where you wouldn’t dare place wood. In addition to flooring, they make for a unique and striking backsplash tile that withstands grease splatters and keeps the walls and cupboard backs dry. They are durable enough to serve as a kitchen countertop, too, and these larger plank tiles mean fewer grout lines than a traditional tile countertop (for a modern, realistic appearance with less cleaning). Not only suited for the kitchen, these tiles are a match for bathrooms, basements, bedrooms and beyond. Unlike real wood, they do not need to be stained and sealed to maintain them.

Sygma Collection tiles are rich and textured and look great alone, but they also pair nicely with other materials. Natural stone will contrast nicely and make them appear more luxurious. Ceramic, wood-look tiles with a real granite countertop, for example, suggest an upgraded design – elevating all of the materials. Also, Sygma tiles can be paired with other ceramic tiles or porcelain tile for exciting variation. Mosaics are a great addition to a traditional wood look.

Pair an Ebony or Ice Sygma tile with contemporary materials like aluminum cabinetry or stainless steel countertops for an ultra-modern appeal – or keep things comfortably casual with a Café or Chocolate ceramic tile floor balanced with granite or marble countertops. With ceramic, wood-look planks you can create looks from sleek and modern to charming Old World.

Sygma Collection ceramic tiles are rectified. This means that after firing, their edges are finished with precision saws and grinders to ensure each tile is exactly the same size, creating tiles with perfect 90 degree angles. They can be installed with very small grout lines, ensuring that they will look more authentic and more like real wood, which wouldn’t have noticeable joints between planks.

MSI offers a complete line of ceramic, rectified tile for your sophisticated surfacing needs – giving you a fantastic, long-lasting alternative to expensive hard wood floors. Sygma is a timeless combination of look and performance that will take you beyond what wood can offer in many rooms in your home.