Color Therapy: How Colors Affect the Mood in Your Home

January 30, 2015

Do the colors in your home reflect your personal style and support the mood you wish to inspire in each room? Color therapy, or chromotherapy, is an ancient practice that identifies how colors influence human behavior, and even wellness. A beautiful home isn’t about conforming to the latest trends; it is about creating an inviting space that reflects the personalities of the family that lives there. From flooring to countertops to accent walls, and backsplashes, you can add color to create the mood you desire.

So what is the emotion behind colors? White, soft tones of blue, gray, pink or green can soothe raw nerves, and support a calming environment. Brighter tones of red, purple, oranges, and even black, can stimulate creativity, thought, energy, and passion. Create your own personalized space by setting the tone of each room in your home, while incorporating your own tastes and preferences. The result: a beautiful home that reflects your personal style and stimulates the feeling you desire in each room.

Bold, Dramatic Colors

While not for everyone, pops of red in a kitchen encourages action, and can actually stimulate the appetite. Suitable for a variety of cabinetry colors, Sparkling Ruby Quartz countertops create a dramatic statement. Quartz never has to be sealed, is durable, and great for busy kitchens.

To emphasize reflection and ground a room, black is another bold color to consider. Contrary to popular belief, using black does not have to make a room dark or depressing. A touch of striking color added through cabinetry, furniture, countertops, an accent wall or flooring can add a sense of balance, while allowing other colors to shine. The use of a dynamic granite countertop, like our Supreme Fantasy, with its beautiful waves of grays, creams, charcoals and reds, gives movement to the room and meshes well with black cabinets or flooring to create the perfect dramatic statement in any kitchen or bathroom.

Cool, Serene Colors

Metallic tiles, glass mosaics, and graphic patterns come together with cool shades of blue and beige to create a serene space, perfect for unwinding at the end of the day. Patterns can be brought into the mix with a mosaic accent wall or uniquely installed floor tile. The use of our Cityscape Interlocking Pattern can add texture and dimension and bring about a tranquil, spa-like atmosphere.  Sticking to a palette of neutral colors, like tan, beige and cream, and highlighting those with your favorite tones of blue and green, will add a sense of calm to any room.

Earthy, Casual Colors

Bring a bit of nature inside with an accent wall composed of California Gold split face slate ledger panels or a floor covered with earthy large format cotto tiles from our Capella Porcelain Collection. Lighter accessories and darker floors can complement the range of warm tones producing a combination that lends itself to a welcoming and casual space, perfect for a lazy afternoon with your favorite book, or a delightful conversation with friends. 

Neutral, Soothing Colors

The use of neutral color palettes in your home creates a comfortable and inviting place that will make your guests feel at ease. While neutral tones may be considered boring or bland by some, their versatility makes them a designer's dream.  The use of tan, beige, white, gray, and even black can be used to create contrasting tones and textures, bringing visual interest and a soothing atmosphere to any room.  Accented with a muted color for a pulled together look, these classic shades will never go out of style.

Available in every color imaginable, slabs, tile and mosaics are a great way to incorporate a little color therapy into your home. Looking for something specific? With a few easy steps, you can search our online Material Selector for help in choosing just the right natural stone or porcelain for your project.