Mosaic Monday: How to Maintain Your Marble Backsplash Tile

July 02, 2018

Marble is one of the most beautiful natural stones to feature in a residential or commercial property. While many covet a marble countertop, it may be too pricey for some, but you can still get the elegant, luxurious look by installing marble backsplash tile.

Using marble for a backsplash comes with the same care needs that a countertop or tile flooring needs; however, the daily care may be slightly less. For regular maintenance, giving your marble backsplash a good wipe down with a gentle cleanser and a soft sponge or cloth at least once a week is generally all that's required. Yearly sealing and cleaning grout lines are also marble care must-dos.

Now that you know a little bit more about how to take care of your gorgeous new marble tile, let’s take a look at some of our favorite backsplash beauties!

Calacatta Cressa 3D

Featured: Calacatta Cressa 3D Stacked Stone

Calacatta Cressa 3D Stacked Stone is a three-dimensional, honed marble with a white background and soft gray veins. It comes in 6x12x6 and 6x24 tiles and has a thickness that ranges from .5 to .75 inches. The stone ledger panel design features thin lines and gives it a more contemporary look, yet the elegant material can also be installed in a classic or traditional kitchen.

The tile backsplash is another natural element that perfectly compliments this traditional, rustic kitchen with the warm woods, textured backsplash, and white detailed cabinetry and ceiling. Just keep in mind that a textured look requires the extra step of brushing off dust due to the crevices.

Carrara White 2x4 Polished

Featured: Carrara White 2x4 Polished Subway

Carrara White 2x4 Polished Subway is an Italian white-and-gray marble with 18 chips per sheet. Its high-sheen surface makes it water resistant, so it’s perfect for a backsplash wall behind a stunning tub. Similar to any other tiled surface, it’s important to clean the grout lines. This is especially true when used in the bathroom and with white grout. But, be sure to only use cleaners that are specifically made for marble so that you don’t scratch or dull the tiles.

Chevron Polished

Featured: Bianco Dolomite Chevron Polished Mosaic

Bianco Dolomite Chevron Polished Mosaic is a timeless white-and-gray marble crafted in a contemporary, chevron design. The material from Turkey brings to life this mostly monochromatic, beige kitchen, and the polished finish gives the backsplash a slick look.

When you install a marble kitchen backsplash around a cooking area, remember to pay closer attention to those areas because they’ll need more frequent cleanings to take care of grease and other splashes.

Angora Framework

Featured: Angora Framework Subway

Angora Framework Subway is a subway tile made of fine marble from Vietnam. The 2x4 tile blends cool grays with warm whites, beiges, and golds and features the classic shape but with a mosaic pattern for a unique look.

The polished finish adds a light-reflecting quality that will give character to any kitchen or bathroom. Make sure to blot any spills right away since marble is a more sensitive stone. This is most important with anything acidic, so if you knock over your coffee or the tomato sauce jar explodes upon opening, wipe it up immediately.

Tundra Gray

Featured: Tundra Gray Subway

Tundra Gray Subway is another marble from Turkey in a larger 3x6 subway tile size. While the medium and dark gray tones of the polished marble isn’t the traditional white with gray veining coloring, it’s still a stunning backsplash option that blends in nicely with darker countertops.

Sealing your tile provides protection against stains, and for kitchen areas like this one, it’s important to ensure that the sealant is safe for use around food prep areas. While marble does require more maintenance than other backsplash tiles, it offers a luxurious look like no other.

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