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Training & Education

Well-trained salespeople sell and service better, and companies that invest in training get more out of their team. At MSI, we understand that informed salespeople instill confidence in every customer and are better able to answer questions and concerns that may arise. So your team can sell with ease, our product experts will educate them on all the benefits and properties of natural stone.

As a value-add for our retail customers, MSI hosts complimentary training sessions in more than 20 locations across the country. MSI offers half-day and full-day training sessions, and ongoing educational seminars are available. In a classroom-style setting, our product experts provide your sales team with all the knowledge and tools they need to confidently sell our natural-stone products, including:

  • Recommended and ideal uses
  • Properties and features
  • Visual variety and aesthetics
  • Design trends
  • Required upkeep and maintenance

Are you interested in sending your sales team to one of our complimentary educational seminars? Contact your sales or customer service representative for more information.