MSI is proud to announce the release of  eight new Q™ Premium Natural Quartz colors:  Blanca Arabescato™, Blanca Statuarietto™, Calacatta Laza™, Carrara Caldia™, Carrara Marmi™, Midnight Majesty™, and two Concrete-Finish options: Babylon Gray Concrete-Finish™ and Midnight Majesty Concrete-Finish™.

The continued popularity and growth of MSI's Q™ collection prompted this exciting new wave of styles, which are offered in both 2CM and 3CM slabs. From the whispery veining of Carrara Marmi  - an unprecedented builder-friendly value option - to the elongated ones in Carrara Caldia™, and the dramatic movement in Calacatta Laza™, each of these selections take a style cue from luxurious white marble, right down to the realistic, authentically through-body veining. 

Equally impressive are MSI's new Concrete-Finish options. This stylish, trending finish features the look and feel of a concrete surface, while offering the same level of durability and maintenance-free nature of MSI's high-gloss polished finish.

Whether it's the heightened realism and elongation of veins in new Italian white marble looks, or cutting-edge, concrete-finish options, MSI's new Q™ colors give designers, architects, and builders even more options for creating dreamlike spaces for their clients.

MSI's Q™ Premium Natural Quartz collection now includes over 60 non-porous, stain-resistant, highly durable, and low maintenance options. Additionally, this innovative quartz brand is competitively priced, backed by MSI's best in class supply chain, and comes with a lifetime residential warranty. What's more, the entire collection is Kosher certified.

Explore the entire Q™ Premium Natural Quartz line, or  watch this video to learn more about North America's fastest growing quartz brand.