Capella Brick



Silver Travertine

Alaska Gray Pebble Polished 10mm
Almond Glossy 3X6 Single Bull Nose
Almond Glossy 4X16 Single Bull Nose
Antico Pewter Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Antico Pewter Subway 4x12x8mm
Antico Silversmith Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Antico Silversmith Subway 4x12x8mm
Basketweave Pattern
Calacatta Blanco Pattern Polished
Calacatta Cressa 2 Hexagon
Calacatta Cressa 2x4 Honed
Calacatta Cressa 3x6 Honed
Calacatta Cressa 4x12 Honed
Calacatta Cressa Arabesque Honed
Calacatta Cressa Basketweave Honed
Calacatta Cressa Cornice Molding Honed
Calacatta Cressa Herringbone Honed
Calacatta Cressa Leaf Pattern Honed
Calacatta Cressa Pencil Molding Honed
Cecily Pattern Polished
Champagne Estate 6mm
Chantilly Stax 8mm
Charcoal 2x4 Bevel
Cornice Molding Honed
Donna Teal 2x4 Bevel
Dorado Pebble Tumbled 10mm
Driftwood Hexagon 6mm
Driftwood Interlocking 6mm
Florita Pattern Polished
Framework 2x4 Polished
Frost 2x4 Bevel
Gray Glisten 4x12x8mm Beveled
Gray Glossy 3X6 Single Bull Nose
Gray Glossy 4X16 Single Bull Nose
Harlow Picket 8mm
Luxe Interlocking Pattern 8mm
Metro Glacier Blend Interlocking 8mm
Metro Gris Blend Interlocking 8mm
Palisandro Chevron Polished
Palisandro Mini Brick Polished
Sandhills Hexagon 6mm
Sandhills Interlocking 6mm
Silver Glisten 4x12x8mm Beveled
Sliced Pebble Ash Tumbled
Sliced Pebble Coal Tumbled
Sliced Pebble Earth Tumbled
Sliced Pebble Truffle
Smoke 2x4 Bevel
Taupe 2x4 Bevel
Urban Tapestry Interlocking 6mm
White Glossy 3X6 Single Bull Nose
White Glossy 4X16 Single Bull Nose
White Oak 2x4 Honed and Beveled
Calacatta 2x4
Carrara 2x4
Pearl 2x4
Statuario 2x4
Calacatta 2” Hexagon Matte
Carrara 2” Hexagon Matte
Statuario 2” Hexagon Matte
Durango 4x12
Silver Traveritine 2x4 Honed And Beveled
Travertine Blend Pebbles
Frosted Icicle Glass 3x9x8mm
Urban Tapestry Hexagon