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Water features - Pond, Waterfall and Stream

Natural stone products including sandstone pavers, granite pavers, polished pebbles, wall veneers, pebble mesh and mosaic mesh come together in this hardscape installation. Distinctive walkways, a pond, a waterfall, and a trickling stream come together beautifully to highlight your many options in creating the outdoor space of your dreams.

Water Feature and Patio

In this video, be inspired to use complementary natural stone products to create a beautiful outdoor space for your home. Sandstone pavers, wall veneers, wall caps, and granite trims are used to create a stunning water feature, durable patio space, beautiful pool, and elegant dividing walls.

Water Features - Pavers & Copings

In this video learn how travertine pavers and copings are ideal for your patio, driveway, pool surrounds and more. Kick your shoes off and enjoy your outdoor space crafted from travertine pavers and copings that remain cool to the touch in hot weather. See the variety of colors, designs and shapes available for your project.

Water Feature and Fireplace

In this video, slate pavers, wall veneers, loose ledgers, tumbled tiles, granite, and sandstone pavers are used to create a soothing outdoor space. Be inspired to create a unique fireplace and water feature combination that brings warmth and character to a flexible patio area, ready for relaxing or entertaining.

Walls - Natural Stone Veneers

Suitable for any vertical space including dividing walls, water features and fire features, natural stone thin veneers can complement from old-world to contemporary aesthetic desires. Watch this video to learn more about natural stone thin veneers, and their wide array of colors and designs.

Water Feature and Wall

Onyx mosaics, travertine pavers, stepping-stones, and ledger panels of quartzite and sandstone are used to create this stunning space. The onyx mosaic creates an elegant water feature, while the stepping-stones encourage peaceful wandering. Watch this video to see how a variety of natural stones come together to create the outdoor space you desire.

Patios, Pool Decks, & Walkways

Be inspired to use flagstones to create your ideal outdoor space. In this video see examples of slate, quartzite, sandstone, and limestone flagstone applications in patios, pool decks, and pathways. Flagstones can also be used for vertical applications and partner beautifully with other natural stone products including mosaics, pavers, and wall veneers.

Fire Feature and Pathway

Be inspired to create a serene space using a variety of complementary natural stone products. In this video, wall veneers, wall caps, marble accents, pebbles, and random flagstone come together to create a dramatic and beautiful outdoor space. Natural stone is the star here, being used throughout the project.

BBQs, Pools, Spas & Water Features

Ledger panels are ideal to add character, beauty, and drama to your outdoor vertical walls. Ledger panels are available in a wide array of colors, finished in a beautiful stacked stone appearance. Watch this video for inspiration on how to incorporate them into your design for barbecues, property line walls, water features, and much more.

Patio, Fire Feature and Water Feature

Travertine pavers, pebble surround, a wall veneer, granite, and mosaics come together to create a magnificent patio complete with water and fire features. This tranquil space is ideal for relaxing, or entertaining your friends and family. Watch this video for inspiration on how you can create your ideal outdoor space.

Walls - Ledgers and Veneers

Available in a variety of styles, colors and designs, natural stone ledger panels and veneers are a beautiful addition to any outdoor space. Natural stone ledger panels can be used to update the façade of your home, create a barbecue island, for water features, backsplashes, and much more.

Outdoor BBQ and Patio

In this video, see how travertine tiles, marble pavers, coping steps, granite, and a mosaic backsplash come together to create a stunning outdoor kitchen and patio space. The patio, comprised of a combination of marble pavers and travertine tiles creates a moving and elegant space, while the mosaic backsplash is the perfect visual backdrop.

Separation Wall

Travertine ledger panels are ideal to create a contemporary outdoor space for your family. This video shows how ledger panels can be used to create separation walls, or privacy walls, whichever your landscape design needs. Ledger panels are engineered for a streamlined installation and durability while providing the natural stacked stone appearance you desire.