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Tile Style: Wood You Believe This Is Porcelain Tile?

by Team MSI 8. February 2016 22:02

Wood — it's much beloved for so many surfaces in the home. Wood lends a certain ambiance to a room, making it feel warm and cozy. Whether your decorating taste leans toward classic, country, rustic, or contemporary, chances are wood is going to be on your inspiration list. However, for all its versatility, wood has its drawbacks. For example, putting a hardwood floor in your kitchen — or, worse, the bathroom — is just asking for trouble. Wood exposed to water can warp and stain. Wood may not hold up to heavy traffic either. And then there are things wood just can't do, such as cover your kitchen countertops (butcher block surfaces aside), and not recommended for backsplashes. Wood needs polishing, sealing, waxing. Do you have time for that? We've got the perfect solution: porcelain wood tile. Here are five MSI tile options that offer the beauty and visual texture of real wood, but are as tough and versatile as porcelain tile… and you can use them in every room of your home without any worries. 

Ecowood Tungsten Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Ecowood Tungsten Porcelain Tile

Ecowood Tile would be right at home in a log cabin at the end of a tree-lined, winding country road. But even those who live in the city can enjoy its natural appeal. Ecowood Tungsten is a medium-brown shade mimicking a rustic hardwood. It has a matte finish, and subtle variations in hue, so it's easy to blend this tile with nearly any other texture, color or material. It is perfect for flooring, countertops, and backsplashes. It can also stand up to light commercial use. 

Walnut Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Walnut Porcelain Tile

Walnut Porcelain Tile is reminiscent of natural walnut wood in both texture and coloration, and are ready to install as wood tile flooring in any room of the house, including the mud room! As with Ecowood, it's perfect for counters and walls as well. 

Musk Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Musk Porcelain Tile

With amazing texture and color variation, Musk Porcelain Tile has the look of reclaimed barn wood, which has become a super-hot design trend! If your tastes run toward the shabby chic, rustic or vintage, you'll love this colorway. You can install this beauty in unexpected places with no worries! 

Teak Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Teak Porcelain Tile

If classic elegance is the style you seek, Teak Porcelain Tile is a great addition to your home. With the silky matte texture of fine teak, it lends a refined charm wherever you choose to install it. This tile is excellent for dining room floors (no worries about spills!), family rooms (it can take whatever the kids bring on), even on walls, countertops, and backsplashes. 

Mahogany Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Mahogany Porcelain Tile

Speaking of elegance, you can't beat mahogany to dress up a room. Whether it's in your antique furniture or on the floor, mahogany's warm, subtle coloration whispers "upscale." Mahogany Porcelain Tile is no exception, but unlike that fine furniture, you'll never have to polish or wax porcelain wood tile. Or worry about what the cats will do… or those muddy dog paw prints. 

Wood-look tile flooring can be installed creatively, just as you would use real wood — try a parquet floor-style pattern, herringbone, basketweave or wicket pattern, or even mix wood tile colorways to create a unique mosaic-style work of art. Porcelain wood tile lets you have the stunning home décor you love while allowing you to live worry-free in it too: spills and splashes, pets, kids and all.

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Mosaic Monday: 4 Shimmering New Mosaics

by Team MSI 8. February 2016 20:05

Like sunlight dancing across a gleaming pond, or moonbeams shining on a deserted beach, or a precious sapphire twinkling with glints of deep, dark blue, nature has a sparkling scenery that catches your eye like none other.  A touch of natures glimmer can add instant allure, shimmer, and magnetism when using shimmering glass, stone, and mixed metal mosaics in your home decor.  

Sleek metallics in gold, silver, and platinum deliver a clean, contemporary look; pairings of frosty white, gold, and brick turn convention on its head; and iridescent glass and metal shine brightly for all to admire. Whether you prefer metallics or glass and stone, it’s easy to create a spectacular aesthetic with one of MSI’s shimmering new mosaics: 

Moderno Blanco Interlocking 

Featured: Moderno Bianco Interlocking

An exquisite blend of glass, stone, and metal, Moderno Blanco Interlocking breathes life into backsplash tiles, countertops, and floors. Like rolled-steel train tracks dusted with freshly fallen snow, this lovely tile beautifully blends hard and soft lines, and metallics and neutrals. The result is a modern twist on a neutral look. With various shades of frosty white—contrasted with harmonizing hues of gray, white, and speckled gray—this mini-tile mosaic is the perfect compliment to modern decor in residential and commercial settings. This exquisite tile pairs well with harmonizing hues of gray and tan, or more vibrant colors, like canary yellow or icy blue. Challenge the expected with sweeping swirls of gray, and soft, milky white lines and stipples.

Diamante Brick

Featured: Diamante Brick

With a rich tapestry of glass, stone, and metallics weaved together into one beautiful design, Diamante Brick creates breathtaking backsplashes, countertops, and floors. A new take on an old classic, this lovely tile exudes all the rustic charm of a timeworn brick house—with just the right amount of modernizing shimmer and texture. With various shades of taupe combined with complementary black and gray, this mini-tile mosaic is a perfect accompaniment to modern decor in both residential and commercial settings. For easy application, this tile is offered in mesh-backed sheets. For a harmonizing look, pair this elegant tile with hues of light gray, white, beige, or greige. For a richer look, consider wood accents or shades of rose, light yellow, or watery, turquoise blue. 

Midnight Pearl 

Featured: Midnight Pearl

With these captivating tiles, you’ll never hit a brick wall on the road to style. Creating picturesque feature walls, countertops, and floors, Midnight Pearl beautifully blends glass and metal into an interesting, offset brick pattern. Picture-perfect amidst modern design accents, these luminous, black, gray, and iridescent mini tiles measure 5/8" by 1" and come in prearranged 12" x 12" sheets. Turn all attention to this radiant tile with subtle compliments in off-white, beige, or gray. Or create a sultry look with pairings of deep, dark black, gray, or brown. 

Silver Aluminum Metal 3D 

Featured: Silver Aluminum Metal 3D

With an exclusive, geometric look that resembles interlocking puzzle pieces, this three-dimensional metallic mosaic creates an ultramodern aesthetic for wall tiles and backsplashes. Like silver moonlight glistening across the sea, Silver Aluminum Metal 3D creates a quiet charisma for all to look upon in awe. With this statement piece tile, you’ll enter into a new dimension of style.

With a lovely, shimmering mosaic tile from MSI, your décor will be positively beaming. Whether you reinvent a tried-and-true classic or choose a style that’s current and contemporary, there’s a beautiful, shimmering mosaic from MSI to make all your décor dreams come true.

Current Obsessions: High-Style, Monochromatic Quartz Countertops

by Team MSI 4. February 2016 11:46

If you are designing or remodeling a residential or commercial space and can’t commit to a color scheme or don't want to use a lot of colors, then try the monochromatic route. It also helps to simplify the entire design process as well as create a feeling of harmony. Achieving a successful monochromatic scheme is easy when you blend your base color with a variety of its shades, tones, and tints, especially when you stick to neutrals. Adding quartz to a traditional or modern space is an excellent choice because this made-to-last material comes in an array of colors. If you’re aiming for a high-style design that’s light and airy or dark and moody, we’re sure one of these neutral quartz countertops from M S International will hit the monochromatic mark. 

Wanting White 

White is always a timeless, sophisticated look, and incorporating countertops like Perla White Quartz into your design will add elegance and interest to your kitchen or bathroom. The pearl-like color complements with its subtle veins in a lighter tint. Install it cascading over the kitchen island with high-gloss white cabinets for a sleek, modern look, or go more traditional with the added texture of distressed ivory or white cabinets. 

Going Gray 

Featured: Concerto Quartz

Featured: Shadow Gray Quartz

Gray is still a popular selection for interiors, and going with a gray monochromatic scheme can mean any shade from silver to gunmetal. So if you desire a room dominated by 50 shades, then choose from these two quartz colors for your countertops: Concerto or Shadow Gray. Concerto Quartz features a rich field of frost and dove grays and is accented by specks of charcoal. Pair it with light or dark gray cabinets, or select a bathroom vanity or flooring that comes in a gray-toned wood. Want something more dramatic and moody? Shadow Gray allows you to go to dark as long as your space has ample natural light; otherwise, it might end up feeling like a monochromatic dungeon. This deep-toned countertop has a dark graphite gray color with flecks of pewter, onyx, and iron. For a seamless look, install it along with cabinets in a similar graphite finish or smoke glaze, or for more variation, opt for an island or cabinetry with a silver paint or gray stain finish. Add fabulous faucets and lighting fixtures in chrome, polished nickel, or even black to tie it all together. 

Trying Taupe 

Featured: Ash Gray Quartz

Choosing colors with a brownish gray tone provides property owners with countless options to add in beiges, creams, or grays, but the blending of these neutrals is what will give the space even more visual interest. Ash Gray Quartz is a mid-tone gray with dark gray flecks and looks like it leans toward the taupe family. Warm up this premium surface with wood by adding it to Knotty Alder or Maple cabinets with a cashew stain, or give it some contrast with off-white or light gray cabinets. Depending on your style and color selection, spruce up your space with metal accents of gold, rose gold, or chrome. 

Embracing Browns 

Featured: Desert Bloom Quartz

Are you drawn to browns instead of blacks or grays? If so, then Desert Bloom Quartz might be the spark you need for inspiration to blossom. This brown background allows you to build on the darker-toned flecks by selecting a darker base like chocolate or Walnut cabinets. Finish off the design by adding dark or oil-rubbed bronze fixtures. 

MSI carries a broad range of Q Premium Natural Quartz materials to choose from, and with showrooms located around the country, you’ll be able to find just the right shade you need to create your monochromatic masterpiece!


Take It for Granite: New On-Trend Looks in White Granite

by Team MSI 1. February 2016 16:49

You can never go wrong with white because designing with this harmonious color creates a timeless, elegant style. However, white stone is still white hot, especially when it comes to granite! Using white granite doesn't mean that you will end up with a sterile look or have to settle on an all pure-white kitchen or bathroom. These pale granite slabs feature differing shades of white with various accent colors that add dimension, texture, and movement to your design. If you love white but haven’t found the right one, take a look at these four all-new white picks. 

Antico White Granite 

Featured: Antico White Granite

When looking for a white granite with more of a pattern to it, consider Antico White. This stone from India has an ivory base with flecks of greys, greens, blacks, and hints of golds. To make Antico White granite the focal point, install it along with white cabinets, or you can warm the white granite with wood. Since you can use it the for outdoors, even in freezing climates, it might be just what you need to beautify a new or existing built-in outdoor barbeque. 

Aspen White Granite 

Featured: Aspen White Granite

If you’re looking to accent your kitchen or bathroom with gorgeous golds, then why not accent your granite countertops with this trendy metallic too! Aspen White granite comes from India and features crisp whites and grays mixed with veins of warm gold. While the stunning slab looks like a masterpiece of abstract art on its own, it can also blend well with a variety of design styles, from traditional to contemporary to industrial. For a more subtle look, pair Aspen White with gray or white cabinets, or for more contrast, add it to dark wood cabinets. It also can be used for flooring and wall applications in both residential and commercial spaces. 

Bianco Frost Granite 

Featured: Bianco Frost Granite

Desiring something white with a bit of drama? Bianco Frost granite is an exquisite stone that originated from Brazil. The pristine white background has beiges and taupe accents with specks of a dark red and black veins. It makes for a spectacular countertop, kitchen island, or fireplace surround. For a tied-together look, carry out the red and black accent colors throughout the rest of the room. 

White Ornamental Granite 

Featured: White Ornamental Granite

If you want granite with a softer pattern to it, then choose White Ornamental granite. This stone from Brazil is available in both a polished or brushed finish and blends creamy whites with beiges and specks of greys and deep reds. With its subtle pattern, it’s a perfect choice to carry this kitchen countertop all the way up the wall for a backsplash made of the same granite tile or slab in White Ornamental. Want other design ideas? Adorn a tall fireplace surround for a more neutral look that still adds interest. 

No matter if you love one of these new white granite colors with hints of reds, greys, or golds, you’ll be able to select stunning granite slabs like these from one of the MSI showrooms across the country.

Tile Style: The New Versailles Porcelain Tile Collection

by Team MSI 29. January 2016 20:45

Some homeowners love the energy of bold colors and daring décor while others prefer neutral palettes and monochromatic color schemes. No matter what kind of decorator you are, there’s something we can all agree on: nothing pulls a look together quite like soft, muted hues of beige, tan, and gray. Equally gorgeous contrasted with daring colors or amidst harmonizing shades, neutrals do wonders to create balance in any home.

Offered in kits with tiles of various shapes and sizes, MSI’s brand-new Versailles Porcelain Tile Collection echoes the beautiful patterns that grace the Palace of Versailles—a royal château situated in the Île-de-France region of France.

With the look of natural stone that satisfies classic and contemporary tastes, MSI’s Versailles Porcelain Tile Collection is regal, beautiful, and practical. With a range of lovely neutrals in easy-care porcelain tile —each with their own unique look and distinct movement—you’ll feel like royalty with one of these Versailles Pattern Porcelain Tiles.  

Castle Beige Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Castle Beige Porcelain Tile

With a subtle movement that resembles clouds stirring before rainfall, Castle Beige Porcelain Tile blends warm cream and greige into one subtly sophisticated design. With stylings reminiscent of the natural stone tile found in Old-World castles, Castle Beige Porcelain delivers a look that elicits quiet reverence and admiration. Equally beautiful as a feature piece or contrasted with bolder design elements, this lovely tile is exquisite for porcelain floors, countertops, backsplashes, feature walls, and some exterior projects. 

Estate Naturale Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Estate Naturale Porcelain Tile

Like the great walls of a country manor, Estate Naturale Porcelain Tile is stately and refined. With a subtle variation in movement, cascading between soft swirls and vertical lines, Estate Naturale Porcelain Tile beautifully blends hues of warm, light creams. With a look that convincingly mimics the appearance of natural travertine—but in maintenance-free, easy-care porcelain—this lovely tile delivers a beauty that lasts throughout the ages. Create charming travertine-inspired tile flooring, accent walls, countertops, and backsplashes with this elegant, easy-care porcelain. 

Manoir Cafe Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Manoir Cafe Porcelain Tile

An increasingly popular color choice that graces many modern homes, greige sits somewhere on the spectrum between gray and beige. This versatile, calming color looks magnificent with white complements, or with hints of stone and wood. Resonant of the ancient stones of Rome, Manoir Cafe Porcelain Tile features warm, soft grays and greiges, with all the movement, swirl, and definition of natural travertine. Sold as a kit in three different tile sizes, you’ll effortlessly create beautifully, patterned surfaces in your home—from floors to walls to countertops. 

Manoir Grigio Porcelain Tile 

Featured: Manoir Grigio Porcelain Tile

Right alongside white and beige, gray is one of the most versatile colors for décor. At MSI, our favorite interiors balance gray and white, gray and yellow, and gray and metallics. Equally stunning amidst neutral or contrasting complements, Manoir Grigio Porcelain Tile features soft grays reminiscent of natural stone—in an easy-care, no-fuss porcelain. Make your mark with beautifully patterned floors, walls, and countertops. 

Manoir Crema Porcelain Tiles 

Featured: Manoir Crema Porcelain Tile

An extremely attractive stone that exudes effortless charm, travertine is an exquisite addition to any home. For the decorator who loves the look of travertine but insists on porcelain, Manoir Crema Porcelain Tiles offer the best of both worlds. This lovely, easy-care porcelain tile features warm shades of cream and greige that echo the natural beauty and distinct patterns of travertine. Add a touch of elegance to walls, countertops, and floors with this beautiful, versatile porcelain. 

Whether you prefer hints of cream, beige, greige, or gray, the Versailles Porcelain Tile Collection features a lovely array of neutrals to choose from—all available in a classic Versailles pattern. With this elegant pattern, the good looks of natural stone, and the durability of easy-care porcelain, you’ll never sacrifice style for practicality.

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Mosaic Monday: Now & Zen: Calming, Asian-Inspired Mosaics

by Team MSI 29. January 2016 18:27

In today’s hectic and fast-paced world, we all dream of stealing away a few moments for ourselves. After a trying day of powering through deadlines, fighting traffic, or caring for little ones, there’s something truly relaxing about melting into your favorite chair and whiling away the evening. Whether it’s just a few moments of rest or an evening of relaxation, nothing takes you to that place of serenity faster than soothing visual cues. Carefully arranged to create balance and harmony, Asian-inspired interiors elicit feelings of tranquillity and calm. While Asia is home to many wonderfully unique countries and cultures, today’s Asian-influenced interiors have strong Zen influences and are loosely based around stylings from India, Japan, and China. If you could use a little more relaxation in your life, one of these Asian-inspired mosaics is sure to take you to that place of tranquillity. 

 Ambrosia Interlocking 

Featured: Ambrosia Interlocking

Ambrosia, thought to deliver longevity and even mortality to any who consumed it, was known as the “food of gods” in ancient Greek times. In this dreamy, calming mosaic, rich brown stained glass delivers an enduring style that stands the test of time. With Zen-like earth tones that rouse feelings of serenity, Ambrosia Interlocking offers high style in the form of dazzling floors, harmonious countertops, and calming backsplash designs.

 Champagne Toast Interlocking 

Featured: Champagne Toast Interlocking

Imagine soaking your weary muscles in a warm bath—nothing to do; nowhere to be—surrounded by calming earth tones from head to toe. With beautiful neutrals in taupe, beige, and mocha, Champagne Toast Interlocking is stylish and soothing. This offset brick pattern is carefully crafted in China using a blend of glass, metal, and stone materials. With uniquely colored tiles, each with a different characteristic and texture, this neutral mosaic is both understated and dramatic. With this prearranged mosaic tile, you’ll create a calming vibe and add plenty of style to backsplashes, floors, and countertops. 

Emperador Blend Arched Brick

Featured: Emperador Blend Arched Brick

Picture yourself luxuriating in a soft robe, coffee in hand while you gaze upon the sunrise through your kitchen window. You look around and take in your surroundings, admiring the beautiful shades of cream and dark brown dancing on your kitchen backsplash tiles. There’s nothing to do—no deadlines to meet—except finishing what you started: enjoying another cup of coffee. With a blend of soft and rich neutrals and 1" x 2" arched marble tiles, Emperador Blend Arched Brick inspires daydreams with its unique, three-dimensional effect. A perfect complement to rustic, modern, and Zen-influenced décor, this natural stone tile is beautiful on backsplashes, countertops, and floors. 

Perspective Blend Interlocking 

Featured: Perspective Blend Interlocking

There you are, quietly sinking into your favorite chair, curled up with an enchanting book. You close your eyes and follow the imaginary lines of gray and black cobblestones at your feet. At the end of your path lies a secluded cottage, cloaked in a veil of cherry blossoms, where you can soak in some relaxation. A vision for any home, Perspective Blend Interlocking carefully fuses glass and stone into one lovely, balanced design. Equally stunning on floors, countertops, backsplashes, and feature walls, this unique design bridges the gap between East and West. 

Silver Aluminum Metal 3D 

Featured: Silver Aluminum Metal 3D

Like the shimmering ponds of a secluded temple, Silver Aluminum Metal 3D soaks in light and reflects it back with a soft look of whimsy and awe. Unique and unexpected, metallics are bold enough to make a statement, yet neutral enough to maintain an air of balance. A shining light on feature walls and backsplashes, you’ll create a modern, peaceful vibe with this beautiful mosaic. 

Steal away a slice of style with beautiful wall tiles and calming backsplashes. Whether you prefer metallic, glass, or stone, there’s something truly magnetic about these Asian-influenced mosaics from MSI.

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Current Obsessions: Limestone Impressions with Quartz

by Team MSI 26. January 2016 18:53

Few home remodeling projects can add as much value, return on investment, and timeless beauty to your home as brand new kitchen countertops. Natural stone – and materials that mimic the look of natural stone – are among the most popular choices for these projects, particularly granite and limestone. With its striking, multi-tonal crystals, veining and speckles, even a neutral shade with subtle variations can become a dramatic focal point that turns a common room into something spectacular. Premium Natural Quartz from MSI brings you the best of limestone's stunning beauty, with the easy-care surfaces that busy families need.

Shades of Gray

Featured: Shadow Gray Quartz

Featured: Concerto Quartz

Are you inspired by shades of gray? Consider these two: Shadow Gray and Concerto. Shadow Gray is a dark gray color, highlighted with flecks of nearly-black onyx, metallic iron, and pewter. It hails from Turkey and is available in a polished finish, both regular slab and pre-fab. Its low variation in shade and pattern offers just enough visual interest without overpowering other features in the room. Concerto is a well-tuned dove gray quartz with speckles of darker charcoal. Concerto, a soft gray, has dramatic hues and patterns that make this star shine brightly. Like Shadow Gray, it's polished and available in regular slab and pre-fab. Both shades of gray are perfect for countertops as well as flooring, walls, and backsplashes. 

The Fossil Collection

Featured: Fossil Brown Quartz

Featured: Fossil Taupe Quartz

Featured: Fossil Gray Quartz

Speaking of timeless charm, consider MSI's "fossil" collection: Three contemporary quartz surfaces, in Gray, Brown, and Taupe, which look as if they've existed for eons before gracing your home. Their subtle shading, veining, and specks add visual interest and character, the perfect embodiment of what most people associate with natural limestone. Fossil Gray is a mid-tone, cool shade with highlights of cream, beige, and darker speckles. Fossil Brown also falls in the middle range, not too light, not too dark, with similar features. Fossil Taupe, a hue somewhat between beige and gray, also features variations in the form of light swirls and darker specks. Available in both 2 cm and 3 cm slabs, the Cretaceous period-inspired "limestone look" surfaces are ideal not just for countertops, but for table tops, bar tops, and surfaces in the bathroom. You won't find embedded fish bones on these surfaces, but they certainly set the mood. 

Polished Brown and Beige

Featured: Lagos Azul Quartz

Featured: Boletus Quartz

Featured: Hazelwood Quartz

Featured: Sahara Beige Quartz

Turning toward the brown side, Lagos Azul is a lovely shade of coffee with just a bit of cream – or perhaps hot cocoa. It is a polished brown quartz with speckles of dark brown and beige, warm and inviting as a warm drink on a cold winter day. Order it in regular or a variety of prefab sizes, 2 or 3 cm. Boletus is a mid-tone, subtle beige quartz with slight variations of taupe, darker brown and cream-colored swirls and specks. Hazelwood is a slightly lighter shade of taupe, with even more subtle changes in the form of medium-brown speckles. Considered entirely neutral – neither warm nor cool – these are truly shades that go with everything. Also available in both 2 cm and 3 cm slabs, these surfaces can handle anything: counters, floors, and walls… from soapy splatters to steaming-hot soup pots. Rounding out this list, the lighter side: Sahara Beige Quartz. This sophisticated, polished surface featuring a pale, parchment-colored background accented with flecks and swirls in amber and dark red. It may look delicate, but it's tough and versatile, suitable for any room, including commercial applications. 

These limestone-look Premium Natural Quartz options from MSI are the perfect alternative to real natural stone, and many other materials as well. There is a multitude of colors to enjoy, from the black quartz countertop to the palest taupe quartz. Don't stop at the kitchen counter – consider them for backsplashes, accent walls, bathroom counters and showers, even flooring. While they have a great return on investment when upgrading your home, the best investment of all is a remodel that you love living with, which brings you joy every day!

Mosaic Monday: Mosaics to Set the Mood of a Room

by Team MSI 25. January 2016 19:38

The unique colors and patterns of glass mosaics have a pleasing effect on your mood. For example, glass tiles are reminiscent of flowing water and can add a soothing ambiance to a room. Change the bluish tone of glass to other nature inspired earth tones, and you can shift the mood from peaceful to vibrant. Glass mosaics from M S International are an easy way to add a component of color to your decor that will set a unique atmosphere.  

Paradise Valley Crystallized Glass 

Featured: Paradise Valley Crystallized Glass

With a mix of chestnut brown with gold and cream, this 5/8-inch square glass tiles comes in prearranged sheets and emphasizes a blend of fire and earth. The yellow color in this mosaic tile evokes sunlight, making it uplifting and fun while the browns lend stability and a grounding factor. The Paradise Valley Crystallized Glass blend works beautifully as a kitchen backsplash as the yellow tones can invite conversation in the warmth of the kitchen. It's no wonder that the kitchen is called the center of the home. 

Coral Reef Ice Glass 

Featured: Coral Reef Ice Glass

The lush green color of Coral Reef Ice Glass mosaic tile evokes a sense of quiet balance, regeneration, and vitality. This small glass tile laid out in a brick pattern is a blend of several greens that create a feeling healing softness. Abundantly found in nature, green can represent renewal and good health. This tile is perfect for use in a bathroom to inspire calmness before bedtime and entice energy upon waking. Use this as a wall tile around a soaking tub for creating the ultimate mood for a relaxing and peaceful decor. 

Majestic Ocean Brick

Featured: Majestic Ocean Brick

The color blue represents the element of water, dependability and, harmony. The Majestic Ocean tile mixes blue with white that entices a clear mind. Utilizing this beautiful brick patterned tile in your decor will give a peaceful and thought provoking room. With the color blue encouraging a mood of clarity, inspiration, and relaxation, this is a beautiful tile to use in any room. Use it on the shower walls in a bathroom and as a border to compliment the shower. This tile will look lovely as a backsplash in the kitchen, or on an accent wall in an office, flanking a picture window or glass doors overlooking a scenic water view. 

Desert Oasis Crystallized Glass Blend 

Featured: Desert Oasis Crystallized Glass Blend

With the Desert Oasis Crystallized Glass Blend tile in shades of brown, you can achieve the mindset of living in an oasis of stability and security. The color brown represents Mother Earth and your decor adorned in this tile will inspire a mood of feeling comfort and harmony, giving you peace of mind. Add warmth to the kitchen by dressing the backsplash with this glass tile. To bring a soothing element of nature to your decor, use it on the accent wall as a backdrop to beautiful potted greenery. 

Truffle Stone Interlocking Pattern 

Featured: Truffle Stone Interlocking Pattern

A glass mosaic design out of staggered strips of multiple linear sized tiles, Truffle Stone Interlocking Pattern, is a beautiful addition to any decor. This glass tile has the appearance of wood hues and is blended with stone gray and shades of whites. Wood is the element in nature that promotes growth and creativity while the white mixed in gives a sense of clearness of mind. This elegantly designed tile will look beautiful dressing up a fireplace wall to promote the moods of inspiration, openness, and peace for your family room. 

Keep in mind that when choosing your color and decor that the environment in which you live can affect you emotionally. Smaller rooms in whites and lighter colors will often appear larger and brighter. Darker colors in a room can work in cozying up the decor with an elegant sophistication. Mosaic glass tiles are the perfect way to blend colors and elements to create lovely moods to set your decor.

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Take It for Granite: Tips for Choosing Granite Countertop Colors

by Team MSI 20. January 2016 20:28

Whether remodeling your home or selecting fixtures for a new build, color selection is critical, especially when it comes to choosing granite countertops. But don’t sweat the stone stuff because we’ve got five easy tips to help you select the right color for your granite countertop.

Analyze Your Lighting 

Featured: Black Forest Granite

Choosing a lighter color or speckled granite is an excellent option for darker spaces that have little to no natural light. However, a darker color granite like Black Forest, a deep obsidian and sable granite with white streaks, would be an excellent choice for a kitchen that is overflowing with natural light or if you’re a busy parent concerned about dirt showing. Lighting is important to consider since darker granite paired with insufficient light can make spaces appear smaller than they truly are. 

Take Your Materials 

Featured: New River White Granite

Instead of guessing which wood tone you have or what style of flooring you have, take a sample your materials with you when shopping for granite. Unscrewing a cabinet door or taking a paint sample is easy enough, but if nothing else, take a lot of photos in natural lighting to help you select the right granite color. Astoria features a deep cream color with darker veins of grays and chocolates. Some background colors may be lighter or darker, depending on the slab, and this may sway your decision depending on how well it goes with your lighter or darker cabinets. Also, consider additional kitchen items like appliances, window treatments, and furniture. If you have a stainless steel Wolf range with the iconic red knobs, then you might want to look at something like New River White, an alabaster-based color with stormy silver veins and speckles of crimson throughout. 

Say Yes to Samples

If samples are available, take a few home so that you can see what it might look like in your kitchen. If not, take some pics of your top granite picks. When you get home, test them out by covering your existing countertops with something neutral like a white sheet or paper and then placing the samples or photos on the covered counter. Doing this will allow you to see if the granite looks the same with the natural light and surrounding elements in your home. Make sure to test them at different times of the day, even if you choose something like Ganache, a mid-tone gray with dark charcoal flecks and white veins. The way you see color depends on the level and temperature of lighting, so your granite may look 50 shades of gray with potential tints of blue, green or even purple depending on how warm or cool your light is.

Pick Two

Featured: Bordeaux Dream Granite

Can't decide between two granite colors? Why not use both! Selecting a lighter color for an island and a darker tone for the surrounding cabinets creates a beautiful contrast, and your kitchen will pop even more with opposing granite colors that perfectly complement cabinetry that’s also in two different colors. Bordeaux Dream granite is the perfect primary choice because it compliments a variety of other colors with its natural variation of neutrals, such as soft cream and taupe. 

See the Slab

Once you’ve narrowed down your color choices, visit a showroom that allows you to look at the various slabs available. Since no two pieces of granite are exactly alike, your best bet is to select a full slab that way the veining and variation will be similar throughout the granite. Although asking for a sample of the granite is a smart thing to do, you may want to consider asking how often they update their samples and whether the particular stone that the sample is from is still available.  Another thing to consider is that a small granite sample may not authentically represent the entire granite slab. For example, Verde Fire is a multicolored granite that mixes golds, bright greens with rich reds, and a small piece may not showcase all of the stunning colors.

Whether you side with a lighter or darker color, you’ll be sure to find the right one for your space. With an extensive selection of stunning granite countertops to choose from, MSI can help you achieve the kitchen of your dreams.

Natural Stone Ledger Panels: Bringing the Outdoors In

by msiblog 20. January 2016 12:13

A popular material for exterior installations, stacked natural stone ledger panels are coming inside to add panache to interior spaces. Trend-setting designers and homeowners who value the panels' rustic textures and refined forms use stacked stone to add distinctive dimension to every room in the house. More and more often, the natural stone panels are popping up in public and private spaces as feature walls, focal-point fireplaces, captivating kitchen backsplashes, luxurious tub surrounds, and striking shower walls.

The benefits of these temptingly touchable wall panels are endless. Constructed of natural stone, they are extremely durable and easy to clean. Their rocky textures reference the great outdoors, while adding warmth, character, and drama to interior spaces. Available in a wide range of materials, colors, and styles stacked natural stone ledger panels offer a wealth of attractive options that suit every decorating style and a wide array of applications.

Featured: Golden Honey Pencil Ledger Panels

Ledger Panels Defined
MSI's stacked natural stone ledger panels are constructed of trimmed pieces of natural stone that have been formed through eons of weathering and extreme pressure. Stone pieces are fastened together to form modular stone veneer panels, which are available as stepped panels and stepped corner panels. MSI’s panels link together like a puzzle, creating a seamless surface and quick and easy installation.

Much like tile installations, ledger panels sport unique appearances based on how stone pieces are laid out. Natural stacked stone ledger panels come in classic, split-face, 3D, and pencil styles, which are available in different types of stone. Classic panels combine stones of varying shapes and sizes to fashion ledger panels that have a more traditional appearance. Boasting clean lines, 3D panels have a modern feel with multi-faceted facades that boast a decidedly progressive attitude. Pencil panels are simpler in design and work well as backsplashes and bookcase insets. Split-face panels combine similar sized stone pieces to create a uniform outlook that enhances traditional and transitional designs.

Featured: Casa Blend 3D Multi Finish Ledger Panels

Material Matters
Designers and homeowners also appreciate the array of colors and color combinations that ledger panels supply. MSI natural stacked stone panels are available in 36 colors, including 21 new colors that have been added to satisfy increasing demands for premium natural stone surfaces.

Colors vary with the type of stone used to make each ledger panel unique. White Oak Split-Face Panels are crafted of marble and sport color variations of off-white, gray, and beige; these panels provide the makings for neutral structures that are sure to generate plenty of interest. Multi-hued pieces of slate stack up in classic Rustic Gold Ledger Panels to present a marvelous mix of rusty coppers, deep grays, muted blues, and earth tones, which makes for fetching fireplace surrounds. Casa Blend 3D Honed Ledger Panels, like those used to create the fashion-forward wall pictured above, puzzle together pieces of travertine in shades of gray and warming browns.

For those who prefer their stone treatments on the laid-back side, MSI offers natural stacked stone panels with a monochromatic look and little color variation. Coal Canyon Ledger Panels are crafted from charcoal-gray quartzite and would be a very cool addition to a contemporary spa bathroom. Comprised of beige travertine, Tuscan Ivory Ledger Panels instantly read as old world and beautifully stand in for traditional tile backsplashes in European-style kitchens.

Featured: Silver Travertine Ledger Panels

Statement-Making Profiles
Stacked natural stone ledger panels are ageless and architectural in their appeal--a high-impact means for adding sophisticated substance to interiors in need of pizzazz. This fireplace crafted of Silver Travertine Ledger Panels grandly illustrates how ledger stone panels can contribute to the appeal in newly constructed and remodeled interiors. No matter which type of natural stacked stone ledger panel you choose to use, you'll increase your home's value, enhance your interior's good looks, and create expansive structures that establish or further specific styles. And, you'll be able to do all it in a cost-effective manner, which is likely to have you devising all sorts of ways to employ ledger panels to dress up every room in your or your client's home. For more inspiration, view our new Stacked Natural Stone Ledger Panels brochure here or visit our online Stacked Stone Visualizer tool, where you can find a variety of color options and room settings to help create the space of your dreams!


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