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Extraordinary Outdoor Entertaining Areas

by Bryn Huntpalmer 20. July 2015 09:02

Are you making the most of your outdoor space? Creating your dream oasis is easy with premium hardscaping products from MSI. With durable natural stone you can design extraordinary expanses that serve as the centerpiece for social gatherings and feature functional, luxurious, beautiful patios, pool decks, and driveways. Read on for the many ways to use MSI premium hardscaping products and enjoy outdoor living to the fullest!

Create an Elegant Entertaining Space with Natural Stone Pavers
MSI’s premium natural stone paver collection includes pavers comprised of travertine, granite, slate, quartzite, and limestone. Available in a variety of colors, textures, shapes, and sizes, MSI’s pavers come together like an elaborate puzzle to create your custom patio, pool deck, walkway or driveway. Cool to the touch, these pavers may also be a smart choice for protecting bare feet in hot weather.

Match Coping to Create a Cohesive Design
If you have a pool, water feature, hot tub, or even a small border wall, you’ll want to make sure to match the coping and wall caps with your pavers to create a cohesive design. MSI offers a full collection of coping, caps, and treads to match its pavers. With an extra thick consistency, these products are also great for matching steps, wall caps, column caps, and a variety of pool applications. 

Enjoy Meals from Your Outdoor Kitchens
An outdoor kitchen takes your entertaining possibilities to the next level. No need for guests (especially guests who were just in the pool)  to cluster inside your home to make a plate. Skip the traffic jam and the wet floors with an outdoor kitchen that includes a grill for quick and freshly prepared food, a mini-fridge for cool drinks, and a large open countertop space to comfortably enjoy meals. With an outdoor kitchen, you can also avoid overheating your home while cooking during the hot summer months. You’ll also have the flexibility to enjoy a romantic dinner under the stars whenever the weather is pleasant. MSI Stacked Stone is a great way to significantly upgrade the appeal of a standard kitchen island. These ledger panels can add warmth, texture, and drama to any outdoor area.

Cozy Up Next to the Fire Place
A fire place can extend your ability to entertain outdoors beyond the summer. Whether you're enjoying a glass of wine and conversation with a group of old friends, or creating an impromptu camping experience (complete with s’mores and ghost stories) with family, gathering around the fire will surely make the evening feel special. Consider adding colored polished pebbles around the fire place for a decorative accent that will prevent weed growth and help with any drainage problems. MSI’s stacked natural stone ledger panels will make your fire place durable, while blending seamlessly with the rest of your premium surfaces.

For more ideas for how to upgrade your outdoor entertaining space with natural stone, check out MSI’s inspiration gallery and hardscaping videos. Now all you need to do is fire up the grill and grab some pool floats!
Bryn Huntpalmer is a mother of two young children living in Austin, Texas where she currently works as an Editor for Modernize and nurtures her HGTV obsession. In addition to regularly contributing to Home Decor and Design websites around the web, her writing can be found on Lifehacker, and on her personal blog Her Own Wings.


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4 Ways to Light Up Your New Kitchen

by msiblog 6. July 2015 09:07

Proper kitchen lighting ensures a safe and efficient work area, which also works as a welcoming entertainment hub that invites folks to gather. Thoughtfully selected and placed light fixtures highlight a kitchen's surfaces and cabinet profiles, help establish specific design styles, and bring furnished-room warmth to practical spaces.

When remodeling a kitchen, devise a lighting plan that introduces layers of light arranged in ways that ease passage through the kitchen, directly illuminate workstations, and draw attention to your kitchen's best-looking elements, such as countertops, backsplashes, and flooring. Incorporate brighter or extra illumination in kitchens with tall ceilings, rich cabinet finishes, and dark-hued premium surfaces. Equip your new light fixtures with bulbs that emit the color of light desired for specific areas of your kitchen.  Bulbs that emit yellowish light are good choices for fixtures meant to enlighten eating areas and cast a warm glow on backsplashes or countertops. Neutral, bright, and cool white bulbs energize kitchens and are ideally suited for fixtures that provide ambient and task lighting. Remember to put at least a few lights on dimmers so you can control the room's ambience with the flip of a switch.

Here is a closer look at four types of lighting you should include to amplify your new kitchen's purpose, increase its usage, and magnify its aesthetic appeal.

Ambient Lighting
Ambient or general lighting sheds light across the whole kitchen; it's the lighting you are most likely to switch on when entering your kitchen. Recessed lights, like those showcased in this kitchen, are a popular method for producing diffused light that ricochets off polished natural stone countertops, stainless steel appliances, and glass-front cabinets to pleasingly illuminate an entire workspace. Recessed can lights should be centered in the room, set between 4 and 5 feet apart, and positioned so light from the bulbs falls onto islands, peninsulas, and perimeter countertops. Other types of fittings that emit ambient light include chandeliers, track lights, fluorescent fixtures, and semi-flush and flush-mounted ceiling fixtures. Select fixtures with finishes that play off the colors seen in the kitchen surfaces. Choose polished nickel recessed lights to echo a marble countertop's silvery veins, coppery-shaded pendants to complement slate floors, or bronze-detailed chandeliers that echo a travertine backsplash's earthen tones.

Task Lighting
These types of perfectly focused lights are all about lighting whatever task is at hand. They are the brightest lights in a kitchen and direct light downward to illuminate countertops and sink areas to guarantee kitchen operations run smoothly. Under-cabinet lights are a good choice for illuminating perimeter countertops; in addition to lighting work surfaces, they set glass and metallic mosaics shimmering and highlight natural stone countertops crystalline details. Aim recessed spotlights and floodlights so they illuminate cleaning stations, hang pendant lights that cast light directly onto your island top, and choose range hoods equipped with task lights focused on the cook top.

Accent Lighting
Accent lighting does just what its title describes; it accentuates a kitchen's loveliest details. Use spotlights on wavy tracks, picture lights on framed artworks, and lights installed inside glass-door cabinets to draw attention to your kitchen's finest features. Under-cabinet lights and range-hood lights do double duty as task and accent lighting, especially when shining light across mosaic-tiled backsplashes or behind-the-range murals. 

Decorative Lighting
Think of decorative lighting as jewels that impart light while adding razzle-dazzle to your home's hardest working room. In old world designs, like this kitchen outfitted with marble countertops and travertine floors, antique wall sconces and vintage-style schoolhouse pendants underscore the room's classic appeal. Crystal-draped chandeliers, tubular glass pendant lights, and simply shaded wall sconces are other decorative light options that contribute stylish silhouettes to your kitchen's design plan.

Decorative fixtures team up with ambient, task, and accent lighting, cabinet finishes, and premium surfaces to optimize a new kitchen's utility and good looks, while supplying bright lights of interest at every level . . . which is what the ideal kitchen lighting plan is meant to do!


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When Only Real Stone Will Do

by msiblog 26. June 2015 07:18

In the universal scheme of things, natural is considered superior to synthetic. Organic foods, soft cotton fabrics, sustainable building materials, and natural stone surfaces continue to grow in popularity because of their health, environmental, and aesthetic benefits. The same holds true for stacked natural stone ledger panels: valued for their inherent warmth, enduring character, and timeless appeal, the premium natural surface is popping up more and more often as kitchen backsplashes, focal-point walls, home facades, and patio partitions. Stacked natural stone ledger panels offer designers, homeowners, and installers many advantages over their faux-stone counterparts. Here's a look at some of those advantages.

Featured: Sierra Blue

Good Value
Though much higher-end in appearance, stacked natural stone ledger panels are similar in cost to synthetic versions. They are designed for quick and easy installation by professional and do-it-yourself installers, which make them an economical choice for numerous applications. The modular panels lock together in puzzle-like fashion to create surfaces that have a seamless appearance, which in turn emphasizes the panels' earthen beginnings and rustic profiles. Unlike synthetic panels, which are often manufactured using environmentally unfavorable processes and materials, stacked natural stone ledger panels are crafted from trimmed pieces of limestone, slate, sandstone, travertine, or quartzite, making them handsome, eco-friendly, and appropriate for living-green designs. 

Featured: Roman Beige

Durable Character
Stacked natural stone ledger panels hold their good looks for much longer than faux polyurethane or plastic-composite panels. After all, real stone has already withstood year’s worth of wear and tear from eroding winds, streaming water, corrosive minerals, and earthen pressure. So, you can be sure that ledger panels crafted from real natural stone will stylishly endure for a lifetime or more when used in interior and exterior installations. They will retain their integrated color and pleasingly rough details through inclement weather, temperature changes, cooking splatters, and vacuum-cleaner dings. Faux-stone panels are more likely to erode and lose their color with time, which makes natural stone ledger panels the more durable surface selection.

Featured: Brown Wave

Versatile Performer
Touch natural stone and you'll immediately realize it's the real thing (and not formed by man!). Authentic stacked natural stone ledger panels feel good and bring warming textures, a touch of drama, and look-at-me surfaces to interior and outdoor spaces. Available in an array of colors and color combinations, these versatile pieces take on starring roles in styles ranging from classic to contemporary. Beige-shaded stone panels promote a sense of laidback serenity that works well in modern indoor and outdoor living spaces. Bluish-gray hues perfectly partner with dark wood finishes in transitional quarters. Brown and copper shades take the chill off bathrooms, kitchens, and patios furnished with white or stainless steel fittings. Whether used to upholster a wall or face an outdoor fireplace, stacked natural stone ledger panels bring stylish silhouettes to spaces of all sizes and styles.

Featured: Cordoba Noce

When all is said and done, stacked natural stone ledger panels are a much better choice than manufactured because they are the real deal. Compare the genuine and faux panel types, visually and by touching, and you'll appreciate the fact that natural stone panels are one-of-a-kind surfaces that will bring everlasting beauty to your home and landscape.  

For more information on everything MSI has to offer, visit our website where you can check out our new Stacked Natural Stone Ledger Panels brochure and also view our handy video on how to install Stacked Natural Stone Ledger Panels. Our trimmed pieces of natural stone uniquely interlock, which allows for streamlined installation and gives a more custom look and seamless appearance. Offered in two styles, they can be used on the façade of a home to enhance the appeal, outside to showcase a barbecue island, on a backsplash to spruce up a kitchen or inside to beautify an interior wall.


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Striking New Quartz Colors Expand Possibilities

by msiblog 19. June 2015 10:44

If you’re remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, most people may automatically think about using granite or tile for a surface. But think again.  Quartz – one of the hardest materials in the world – is versatile, durable, easy to maintain and comes in a wide range of looks. But don’t limit yourself to applications since quartz slabs and tiles can be used on the kitchen and bath, as well as on backsplashes and even fireplace surrounds.

MSI introduces 9 new Q Premium Natural Quartz colors. These designs can replicate the many looks of stone, granite, marble and limestone. They include: Carrara Grigio, Montclair White, Perla White, Romano WhitePearl GrayBabylon GrayFossil TaupeFossil Brown, and Fossil Gray


Mix it Up With Neutrals

A colorful mix of tile or new paint on the walls and cabinets can add a selected punch to a neutral countertop and backsplash. Designers generally rely on white, grey and brown to set the tone – and then accessorize with color, texture, fabric and furnishings. MSI’s 9 new quartz colors work seamlessly in modern, traditional or contemporary spaces. 

The range of colors and designs means that you have more flexibility to blend styles. Whether you’re searching for a marble-type look, a dark flavor, or want to incorporate something more neutral, these new colors can bring a new, exciting dynamic to your space. 

Featured: Carrara Grigio

White Right Now

White is the perfect accent to any kitchen or bathroom’s color palette. Pair white quartz countertops with gleaming floors and stainless steel appliances – or maybe even a high-end range in a signature color (think fire-engine red or turquoise) or a vintage fridge – and white quartz countertops can be the subtle touch to make your kitchen pop. Since quartz is less expensive than marble, but can be manufactured to look like marble, you can invest in other deluxe design details, such as cabinets. The new Carrara Grigio, Montclair White, Perla White and Romano White will fit any interior and create a stunning look in any kitchen!

Featured: Pearl Gray

Go for the Gray

The recent Covering’s 2015 show featured cement and concrete as a hot trend (Top 5 Premium Surface Trends Seen at Coverings 2015). As neutrals, our new Pearl Gray, Babylon Gray and Fossil Gray can either add rich granite-like texture or a solid backdrop to a bolder design scheme. If you want to go completely modern, gray quartz is the ticket. This sleek, streamlined look would be perfect in a modernistic kitchen or bath in a mid-Century home.

Brown is Beautiful

Browns in the kitchen and bath have been popular for many years. This year colors include Fossil Taupe and Fossil Brown, and consist of subtle detailing that adds a unique fossil texture to the quartz. If you’re interested in something outstanding for your countertops, Q Premium Natural Quartz will give you stunning earth-tone options. Choose from the lightest brown to rich, dark hues to accentuate any cabinet.

Featured: Montclair White

Quartz countertops can be a lovely accent to your kitchen or bath. Durable, versatile, gorgeous and easy to install, quartz can add value and beauty to your home. Consider all that MSI has to offer!


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What Is Your Tile Style?

by msiblog 11. June 2015 12:38

Tiles add appealing texture, color, and pattern to walls and floors and lay the foundation for establishing specific decorating styles. The trick to designing with tile is knowing which decorating style suits your individual aesthetic and your home's architecture, and then knowing what tile treatments further that style. This overview of popular decorating styles and the premium surfaces that accentuate each look will help you determine which tile treatment best reflects your personal style.


Old World Spirit
If you like rustic patinas, high-impact details, and historic references, you are likely to love old world spaces. Whether inspired by Tuscan villas, French farmhouses, or Mediterranean manses, old world rooms fuse refined and rough surfaces, formal woodwork rendered in antiqued finishes, and warm-toned neutral finishes. Good tile and surface choices for creating this assembled-over-time style include travertine-tiled walls, richly veined marble or granite countertops, and floors crafted of honed limestone tiles, blue slate tiles, or porcelain tiles with the appearance of salvaged wood.

Modern Cachet
Do you revel in sleek surfaces or enjoy streamlined furnishings? Most likely you're a modernist: you value function over form, appreciate calming spaces, and use geometric shapes presented in neutral tones as building blocks for fashioning progressive quarters. Enhance modern designs with walls and wainscots fashioned from blends of stone, metal, and glass tiles, black and silver steel mosaic tiles, or interlocking glass tiles laid in a brick pattern. Opt for black, gray, or white quartz or polished black granite countertops that complement (or contrast with) the color of your kitchen or vanity cabinets. Anchor kitchens, baths, and living spaces with easy-on-the-eye floors that have the appearance of concrete or gray-washed wood.

Transitional Attitude
If you're a free-thinker who borrows elements from both classic and contemporary styles, your style is transitional. You like to mix earthen surfaces with chic furnishings and touchable textiles to create comfortable, uncluttered spaces that invite folks to gather. Generally, transitional style relies on neutral, naturally textured backdrops that supply interest but still allow homeowners flexibility to change out accessories at a whim. Use tile with the look of ledger stone, brick, terra-cotta, wood, and natural stone, mosaic-tile applications rendered in tone-on-tone patterns, and light-colored limestone, granite, and quartzite for floors and countertops.

Cottage Charming
Nostalgic nuances, buoyant white finishes, and sea and sky palettes guarantee that cottage-style spaces are sure to appeal to your living-easy sensibilities. Today's cottage-style designs present old-fashioned materials in updated ways to create bright and breezy spaces. Think white subway tiles for kitchen, bath, and shower walls; use black and white octagon tiles to fashion a period-perfect floor or an eye-catching wainscot. For a warmer look, consider using large-scale wood-toned porcelain tiles. Like a bit more color? Use glass or seashell-glass tiles to create wall treatments that introduce surf's-up shimmer and water-music hues.

Traditional Character
You're a classicist if formal furnishings, posh surfaces, and refined materials start your blood flowing. You find comfort in orderly spaces that are attractive, cushy, and noteworthy. Understated surfaces boasting plenty of natural beauty are ideally suited to enhancing traditional-style designs. White marble tiles, countertops, and flooring are conventional choices for traditional spaces, but travertine, limestone, and neutral-hued ceramic and porcelain tiles also complement the dark furniture finishes, gilded accessories, and plush fabrics often seen in traditional spaces.

We hope that all of the above has helped you identify your decorating style and preferred design look. For more style-apt tile ideas, take time to explore images in our new online Inspiration Gallery: you'll find a bounty of creative applications that use tile and premium surfaces to establish styles from classic to contemporary and everything in between.


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Tile 101: Choosing the Right Grout for Your Tile

by msiblog 5. June 2015 17:07

Grout is more than just the glue that holds your tile together– it is a vital part of the design. Often overlooked, grout selection is as important as your tile selection; it is the key to loving the end result.

Grout selections have grown over the years and, today, you can find grout in virtually every shade of the rainbow to blend or contrast with your tiles. By simply selecting a different color, the look of the tiles can shift from traditional and classic to modern and sleek.

Blended Perfection
Generally speaking, a grout that blends with the base color of the tile allows the detail of the tile to shine through; the tile itself becomes the focus. The color and tonal inflections, pattern, and veining of marble, travertine or porcelain tiles comes forward when the grout is matched to the tile.

Featured: Versailles Manoir Grigio

This works well in small spaces when you want to visually expand the room; instead of the installation pattern of the tile being the focal point, the graphic nature fades into the background, and the beauty of the tile itself shines through.

With marble or other natural stone tiles, sometimes the default choice is a grout color that matches the base color of the tile. This can be a great option when you want a simple and classic look that draws the eye into the marble’s natural color variation and veins. 

Featured: Arabescato Carrara Marble 12x12

But, when natural stone tiles, like the Greecian White Octagon marble seen below, is paired with a grout that is matched to the veining of the tile, the end result is much different. While still subtle, the pattern of the installation is more prevalent, giving a classic, old-world feeling to the whole room.

Featured: Greecian White 2” Octagon

Creative Contrast
Contrasting grout, on the other hand, highlights the graphic nature of the installation. But, using contrasting grout doesn’t have to be visually jarring. As in this kitchen below, when paired with a darker tile, light grout picks up the colors of the natural stone countertops and backsplashes, creating a cohesive and beautiful look.

Featured: Focus Graphite Porcelain

If you want a more contemporary take, using classic white subway tiles, gray grout is the answer. In fact, this is one of today’s hottest trends. White subway tiles are clean, simple, and classic; but this design twist, using dark gray grout, transforms the look and feel of the space highlighting the tile layout, as shown in this spa-like bathroom retreat.

Since the contrasting grout, whether darker or lighter, is going to bring the design pattern more into focus, consider a chevron, herringbone, or vertical offset pattern for additional visual interest. This photo below shows how to incorporate this look into your outdoor spaces as well.

Featured: California Gold Flagstone

Choosing the right grout is more than just about color and whether to contrast , or not.  Make sure to pay attention to the type of grout you choose. The two most common are “sanded” and “non-sanded”.  Sanded grouts are less expensive, but can scratch certain tiles, including glass and marble, so be cautious.  They are, however, generally safe for porcelain. Non-sanded grouts tend to cost a bit more, but don’t let price be the sole determining factor. Work with your installer to choose the right grout for your specific project.

Quick Tips for Selecting Grout

  • Install tile on a piece of plywood, with a couple of different colors of grout. Allow it to properly cure, and then place it in the room to see how the lighting affects your choice. Colors look different depending on if the room is flooded with natural light, or is lighted with incandescent, fluorescent, or LED lighting.
  • Grout can take several days or even weeks to fully cure. If you have chosen a colored grout, give it time to cure before making final judgment.
  • White and lighter colored grouts should be sealed, particularly in heavy traffic areas, and in showers.
  • Darker colored grouts do a better job of hiding dirt and discolorations, but they can fade from direct sunlight.
  • Sealing grout helps to protect the color, but also helps to protect against mildew and mold.
  • Always keep a bit of grout (not mixed) from the installation in the event you need to make repairs in the future.

When designing your project, grout selection is an important step. As you start to narrow down your tile choices, start looking at the myriad of grout colors available. Ask yourself these key questions: “Do I want the tile itself to stand out, or let the graphic pattern take center stage?” “Do I want a more seamless appearance, or a more linear one?” For more ideas and inspiration on how to create your perfectly tiled space, visit our new online Inspiration Gallery!


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Subway Tiles: Out of the Darkness and Into the Light

by msiblog 22. May 2015 06:12

Over 100 years ago, subway tiles made their debut in the New York City subway system. Chosen because they were easy to clean and maintain, durable, and versatile. Soon, the style caught on, and subway tiles started to appear in fine homes and commercial properties across the globe.

They were an emerging trend back then, but today, they are a classic design element that adapts to a wide array of design styles. They are now available in more colors, materials, and sizes, than ever imaginable. Glass, marble, and handcrafted ceramic tiles are sleek, stylish, and readily available to enhance any space.

Backsplash Beautiful
From classic, to traditional, to contemporary styles, subway tiles transform ho-hum bathrooms into spectacular spaces. Select contrasting cabinetry for backsplash walls to highlight the beauty of the tile. Pair traditional cabinetry with a more traditional tile – or pair sleek cabinets with a more contemporary glass tile – to create your personal bathroom retreat.

Featured Subway Tile: Antique White Glazed Handcrafted

Featured Subway Tile: Arctic Ice 3x6

Fresh and Clean
Whether we want to admit it or not, bathrooms have germs, it is the nature of the room. With tile walls, showers, and floors – cleanup and disinfecting is a breeze. If you have been thinking about using bead board in the bathroom, consider instead using tiles installed to the same height.  It is significantly more durable than wood, easier to maintain and will stay looking fresh indefinitely.

 Featured Subway Tile: Calacatta Gold 3x6

Featured Subway Tile: Subway White Glossy 4x16

Busy Kitchen Backdrop
Don’t limit subway tiles to just bathrooms; they are perfect for kitchen backsplashes too. With the myriad of colors, sizes, and materials available, you can find just the right one to coordinate with your countertop and make a statement in your kitchen. Natural stone and stone-look porcelains pair beautifully with the simple elegance of a quartz countertop. Select tiles not just for color and texture, but a choice that will really highlight the architectural features and the appliances in your kitchen.

Featured Subway Tile: Classique Beige Breccia 4x16

Pattern Perfection
The traditional horizontal installation isn’t your only option with subway tiles. Their dimensions lend flexibility to creative patterns. To make a room look taller, or to take advantage of a high ceiling, run the tiles offset, but vertically. For visual interest, consider a herringbone, crosshatch, or chevron pattern. Make a statement with a unique layout to compliment the color and texture of the tiles. 

Few design trends have stood the test of time like subway tiles. Since their humble beginning in the subway system, they have become a symbol of refinement, elegance, and beauty. We continue to lead the charge of bringing new life, new style, and unique designs of subway tiles to market. Visit our website to explore the options available to help you transform your space, into perfection.


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Top 5 Premium Surface Trends Seen at Coverings 2015

by msiblog 15. May 2015 09:44

Back from the Coverings 2015 tradeshow in Orlando, Florida, the largest tile and stone exhibition in North America. We’re excited about the newest trends in premium surfaces – some which may surprise you.

“Tracking trends takes on a new meaning at Coverings. After visiting international shows, it is great to see what all vendors decide to showcase for the American Market,” says Emily Holle, MSI’s trend and design guru. “It is also exciting to see trends that start to pop up in different suppliers booths and notice that many of our products fall right in line with some of the most fashion forward manufacturers.”

Take a look at the five top premium surface trends we found.

1) Concrete and Cement Looks
Known for its durability and versatility, concrete was a popular look on the tradeshow floor. Many manufacturers featured concrete with a dark, weathered, industrialized feel, as well using lighter colors to blend into a neutral décor. Tying into this trend was also a cement look, which incorporated a lot of different textures and patterns and was seen a lot throughout the show floor. We showcased our Cemento line of cement-look, monochromatic porcelain tiles, offered in both rectangular and large format square tiles.  With a modern mix of high style and design, our Cemento line offers the latest gray colors to update any space and create modern drama in a range of creative combinations.

2) Dimension
Three dimensional mosaics and wall tiles were all the rage at this year’s show! They are a way to add depth and construct a more unique look to any space. Specialty stone and glass tiles can create a captivating backsplash and ledger stone can lend a beautiful 3D charm to accent walls, fireplace surrounds, outdoor barbeque islands or exterior walls. MSI has an extensive line of Natural Stacked Stone Ledger Panels that can easily add visual dimension to an otherwise flat surface and create a distinctive look.

3) Cotto Looks
Enduring porcelain tiles take on the look of terra cotta. Using large format tiles on walls, floors or countertops, it’s a versatile design element that’s at home in an urban loft as well as a suburban backyard patio. We were thrilled to see all of these cotto-looks at Coverings! They were a welcoming trend and were offered in a range of hues to fit any décor. Our Capella collection, featuring the cotto-look, fits right in and highlights the best of the show offerings.

4) Large Format Tiles
Twenty five years ago, it was easy to pick out tile for your countertops or floors. There were standard sizes and only a couple of colors available. People used to say you can have any color you want as long as it was white. Today, looking at the choices from the Coverings show, the sky is the limit. Large format tiles can look like natural stone, wood, marble, granite, concrete – whatever you desire. Even better, they can make your room look much larger than it is. Selections go up to 36X36, 36X48 tiles. Additionally, lots of thin slabs were seen at Coverings and MSI will soon introduce the latest and greatest in this large format style!

5) Porcelain Brick
Follow the yellow brick road…or red, blue, black, white. Porcelain brick adds an urban feel to any home or business. “One of my favorite trends that I see coming is the porcelain brick trend,” says Holle. “It is nothing revolutionary, but reminds me of the wood planks that showed up a few years ago.  Porcelain brick tiles are inspired by an old favorite, masonry brick, however it’s perfected and modernized with technology and colorations…bricks are going to be big.” Look for 3 new colors to be added to the MSI Capella line soon!
Whether you prefer a classic look or a new twist, there are so many choices in premium surface materials and design options to create unique floors, stunning countertops and amazing backsplashes. Visit the MSI website today for all of our 2015 New Product Introductions and learn more about using them to produce the home of your dreams!




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Affordable Updates Give Your Kitchen New Life

by msiblog 2. May 2015 08:51

Without a doubt, a complete kitchen re-do can be expensive – costing nearly as much as a new car or a year’s tuition at a private college.  According to the 2014 Remodeling Cost vs. Value Report, the average price to remodel your kitchen can range from $40K to $55K.

However, there are several budget-friendly – yet stylish – ways to upgrade your kitchen with quartz, porcelain, mosaics, and natural stone. Here’s how you can get the most bang for your buck.

Make a Splash

With so many tile colors, textures and designs, you can make a real statement throughout the kitchen. Or maybe you simply want to highlight specific regions such as the range, sink or prep area. Bright marble, shimmering stone or contrasting neutral tiles make a statement without having to change your cabinets or countertops. Take a look at all the types of tiles available and let your imagination run wild. Play around with colorful combinations of natural stone, glass, and metal. Then take a look at all the ways you can mix and match patterns and textures to create a unique backsplash that will make your.

Featured: Emperador Light 1" Hexagon Marble  

Featured: Whisper White Arabesque

Create “Pop” with Paint

An easy way to transform your kitchen is with a couple of cans of paint. Whether you want to go bold with primary colors or stay neutral, your choice of palette can complement your cabinets, backsplash and countertops or help them stand out with contrast. In a classic kitchen, offsetting white cabinetry with a wall of color combined with a herringbone-patterned backsplash or a quartzite countertop can create a cool, sophisticated kitchen with a pop. 

Featured: Arabescato Carrara Herringbone Backsplash Madreperola Quartzite Countertop

Step Up Your Cabinets and Appliances

If your kitchen cabinets look a bit tired, you can inexpensively update them with paint, new hardware or even crown moldings at the top. Many companies will reface your cabinets for less than it would cost to completely replace them. Also, look for opportunities to purchase “scratch and dent” appliances or cabinets from big box store outlets and other retailers. You can realize some significant savings on pieces that have only minor – and even invisible -- flaws. Of course, carefully inspect any appliance or cabinet before you buy. Then, take the money you’ve saved and consider a mosaic backsplash to add real punch and dimension to your kitchen. 

Featured: Stonegate Interlocking Mosaic

Don’t Forget the Floor

Love the look of real wood but dislike the upkeep? It’s now easy to create the look of hardwood flooring, without the fuss, by installing easy care wood-look porcelain tiles. Your choices come in everything from maple to redwood to match any design scheme. The tiles can add continuity from the dining room or great room while being less expensive and virtually maintenance free. Simply sweep, mop and you’re done! 

Featured: Redwood Natural

Consider Quartz

It’s durable, long-lasting and a beautiful addition to any kitchen. Even better, with its refined engineering, you can ensure that the slab meets your color, texture and pattern specifications. Quartz can also be a budget-friendly alternative to natural stone.  It is often more affordable and comes in a variety of looks that mimic marble, granite and even limestone to easily match any décor. Quartz is also hygienic, non-porous, requires little maintenance, and is guaranteed to look gorgeous for many, many years.

Featured: Chakra Beige Quartz

With just a few simple, inexpensive changes, you can transform your kitchen from a dated space to an extraordinary cooking and eating experience. Take a look at what we have to offer by visiting our website for everything to help make your kitchen dreams a reality.





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5 Ways to Personalize Your Kitchen with Unique Countertops

by msiblog 23. April 2015 10:50

Without a doubt, countertops can make or break a kitchen. But they’re not just there for chopping veggies or to house your appliances. Gone are the days when the only choice you had was ceramic tile or Formica. Countertops made from unique – often unexpected materials – can add beauty, as well as a sophisticated style to your home. Whether you just want something fresh and exciting, or you are selling your home, new countertops add significant value and make your home more appealing.

Here are some ideas to get you started on your new kitchen:

Make a Statement

Sometimes less is more in a kitchen. Clean lines, modern cabinetry, and a neutral perimeter set the stage for a stunning centerpiece – the statement island. Of course, an island with a second sink serves a functional role as a prep station, storage unit, and gathering place for friends and family.

Featured: Nilo River Granite

Whether you’re working with a designer or have your own eye for design, the rule of thumb is to choose a material that complements yet contrasts the cabinets, such as granite. A statement island can be the jewel of the kitchen. A bit flashy, it may evoke a “Wow!” from everyone who enters the room.

Go Clean and Modern

Waterfall countertops – or risers – are a modern kitchen trend. However, they work well with a traditional home as much as a contemporary home. With a waterfall countertop, the stone continues down both sides of the cabinet, giving a visual continuity, as well as connecting with the other countertops and the floor. Although granite or marble are commonly used, another popular material is quartz that can work as an alternative statement option for your kitchen.

Featured: Fairy White Quartz

Mix It Up

One of the hottest trends in kitchen design is the use of mixed materials to create an ideal space. Just as a chef would combine ingredients to craft a delicious meal, designers love to mix and match textures, colors, and materials in design. Combining contrasting cabinets and cutting-edge countertop materials together, like quartzite and metallic-flecked granite, creates an interesting look that partners beautifully with natural stone mosaics & wood-look floors. This type of unexpected partnering can make a big impact.

 Featured: Madreperola Quartzite & Metallica Granite

Kitchen Chameleon

Usually you think about porcelain as the go-to material for floor tiles or bathroom walls. Well, think again! Porcelain is a perfect material for your stunning kitchen. It’s durable, beautiful, and very low maintenance. You can go for classic black or white, simulated marble, or even mirror the look of vintage wood. Porcelain’s versatility is what makes it a unique choice for homeowners, designers, and builders.

 Featured: Salvage Brown Porcelain

Like granite, porcelain is heat and scratch-resistant – plus it is non-porous like quartz. If you’re looking for an easy-care countertop with endless design possibilities, consider this durable option.

Create Drama with Contrast

Nothing makes a statement like using contrasting colors in your design. Bright white countertops that cover dark cabinetry create a clean – yet dramatic – statement in the kitchen. Combined with modern stainless steel appliances, you can have a showpiece kitchen. Or mix it up with dark countertops and white cabinetry for an equally dramatic and beautiful space.

 Featured: Arctic White Quartz

With its striking solid color options, quartz is an excellent choice for adding contrast. It comes in a range of colors, as well as with sparkles and veining for the look of granite, marble, and even limestone. And the beauty of quartz is that it requires little to no maintenance, and is easy to keep clean even in the hardest working kitchens.

If you are longing to freshen up your kitchen, there are so many premium surfaces to choose from that weren’t readily available just 10 or 15 years ago. Our personal design styles have evolved too; no longer are avocado colored refrigerators cool. Today, we design our kitchens to reflect our personal style and for easy care and maintenance. Beautiful kitchens with durable surfaces are what we expect today, and with the wide range of materials available, we can create a distinctive space transforming our kitchens from daily drab into interesting and unique.


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